About Pyrgos Zante Suites

Pyrgos Zante Suites are located in Alykanas, Zakynthos, the North Eastern part of the island. They are part of the main villa where the owners live all year round. The estate belonged to the owners grandfather and was inherited in 2002. The grandfathers estate is about 600 acres of land all around the area. There is a private church in the estate, st.john and close by is an escavation [archeological site] that was discovered by archeologists in 1936. The sea is situated 150 meters from the villa, and this year has become a scuba diving attraction due to its underwater findings,[geological phenomenon or archeological findings] still arguing about it the different scientists. The villa has in front of the pool, a communal area with bar, tv, couch ,art collection where it can be used by guests.the villa is famous for its magnificant view of the Ionian Sea, northern Zakynthos, Kefallonia, Pelopponese that can only be compared to Cyclades Islands. The location of the villa and suites are close to the shipwreck,one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Hope to see you.